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5 Ways You Can Still Picnic This Spring

Picnic Resources

5 Ways You Can Still Picnic This Spring

Katie Schur

For picnic nuts like me, you get so excited in spring when the weather warms up that instances like this happen....


Ok, confession. I know that snow on the ground is not "picnic perfect" weather, but sometimes when you've been cramped up inside through several Nor'easters you're itching to get outside. 

If you're like me and you are jumping, literally scrambling to get outside and embrace those sunny but chilly days in spring. I have some suggestions for you. 

1. Bring a chair. Picnic blankets don't usually work in spring when the ground is still thawing and very muddy. Instead elevate your picnic to a chair or picnic table and you'll be a lot more comfortable.

2. Pack a cuddly coat or blanket. Save those summer treads for the right season. If you're picnicking in the spring you'll probably be chilly. I love packing this fuzzy Columbia jacket (pictured above) or bringing cuddly blankets to wrap around myself when the weather is still not quite warm enough. 

3. Bring a thermos. I don't like hot chocolate in April, but I'm always up for a hot cup of tea. Try a spring variation (like lavendar hibiscus) or pack a portable honey container to sweeten it up. 

4. Go during the early afternoon. In the summer, I love packing a picnic for the sunset, but that is not the case in the spring. It's best to go mid-day when the sun is high in the sky, and you can maximize the warmth of the light. 

5. Wrap up warm baked goods in tin foil and tote them along in your picnic basket. In the summer months, you want to avoid picnic foods that are gooey, but in spring you don't have to worry about your food melting in the sun. Try packing warm chocolate chip cookies in tin foil and wrapping them in a tea towel so they will taste fresh. Craving a more savory snack? Swap the cookies for freshly baked biscuits. 

When in doubt, you can always save your picnic spirit for summer, but I hope these tips will come in handy in case you're in the mood to extend the outdoor eating season. You can follow along as we picnic this spring via Instagram @picnicperfectco