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Red Beet Mezzelune Salad


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Red Beet Mezzelune Salad

Katie Schur

You know those raviolis that most supermarkets sell in the refrigerated fresh pasta section? It's the quickest 5 minutes that you can spend to make a hearty lunch or dinner. I love to use those as the foundation for veggie-packed pasta salads, and lately I am obsessed with this new one from Wegmans called Red Beet and Cheese Mezzelune. They are delicate moon shaped raviolis with a beautiful beet color and a cheesy filling - yum! The beet flavor isn't too over-powering so I pair it with additional cooked beets, garbanzo beans, baby arugula and lots of shredded parmesan cheese. 

Here's a snapshot of today's lunch!

 Red beet mezzelune pasta salad with garbanzo beans, arugula, shredded parmesan, olive oil and vinegar. A yummy quick dish for lunch. 

Red beet mezzelune pasta salad with garbanzo beans, arugula, shredded parmesan, olive oil and vinegar. A yummy quick dish for lunch. 



-5-7 raviolis from a package of Wegmans red beet and cheese mezzelune ( I usually split the package up to make two separate lunches.You could substitute plain cheese raviolis or see the notes* below.) 
-1-2 cooked red beets, sliced in half moon shapes
-1 handful of garbanzo beans
-1 cup of arugula
-2 teaspoons of olive oil
-2 teaspoons of balsamic vinegar
-a pinch of sea-salt
-1/4 cup of freshly grated Parmesan cheese

Boil water in a medium sized sized sauce pan. Cook raviolis according to the package instructions (usually about 3 minutes for fresh ravioli pasta). Place arugula in a salad bowl, add in beets and beans. Once the ravioli has finished cooking, drain the pasta and toss with 2 teaspoons of olive oil and 2 teaspoons of balsamic vinegar. Add in a pinch of sea-salt. Place ravioli on top of arugula salad and mix to combine everything together. Grate on Parmesan cheese and enjoy!

*PS this post isn't sponsored by Wegmans. I just really like their new fresh pasta additions, and I haven't found anything like this in other grocery stores. If you track anything similar down in your local grocery store, I would love to hear about it (see comments section). It also looks like Epicurious has a recipe for how to make your own version here (although I would omit the poppy seed butter for this specific recipe even though that sounds delicious!). Instacart also has a quick delivery of this Artisola beet spinach raviolis which seems like it might be a nice variation as well.