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Sending off Summer in Style


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Sending off Summer in Style

Katie Schur

I have to admit, the end of August always makes me feel a little anxious. As the wildflowers fade and yellow school buses signal the start of classes, I start to think about all of the things that I’ll miss. That’s why I’m trying to focus on making a graceful leap into fall while still treasuring every moment of summer. Here’s a few ways I'm planning to send off summer in style. 

Exploring the Community Garden
Sunflowers are full of cheer and always bring a smile to my face. These blooms in the Berlin community garden have been growing all summer and now are taller than me! Several farms in our area offer "pick your own" wildflower stands so we'll be stopping by this weekend to pick some flowers to dry for the fall. 


Baking with Summer Veggies
Zucchinis, summer squash and tomatoes are in full force this season. I've been testing out several recipes, and love this galette recipe by King Arthur flour! If you don't have the cheese powder, you can substitute a 1/4 cup of freshly grated parmesan cheese. We took the final product to a picnic at Tanglewood. Galettes are great for picnics because they taste better served at room temperature. 


Spending time on the porch
We've had a cold snap this past week in Massachusetts which means that it has been perfect sweatshirt weather. On those cloudy/rainy days, Jake and I love to spend time on our front porch (sometimes for a much needed happy hour). The best part is that it's totally ok to dress down for this cocktail party. 


Savoring every sunset
When things get busy, it's sometimes nice to put a break on your day and let your worries melt away while watching the sunset. We recently went down to Wachusett Reservoir. Jake and Noah took their fishing poles, but me? I just enjoyed watching the sunset and catching up on a good book. 


How are you sending off summer? I'd love to hear about your #picnicperfect moments. Tag me @picnicperfectco