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9 Ways: Radishes and Arugula


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9 Ways: Radishes and Arugula

Katie Schur

Some of the first plants to make an appearance in my garden are the bright green pops of radish greens and little sprouts of arugula. I love watching them grow during the weeks when everything around us starts to magically green up. These delicious veggies don't need too much sprucing up to be delicious, but they give a little crunch or color to dishes. Here's some ways that I am using my crop this year:

1. Make an arugula pesto (In a food processor, combine parmesan, olive oil and arugula - it's fun to try different kinds of cheeses or add herbs such as basil or parsley) 
2. Make an open-faced sandwich (Bread + creamy butter cheese + sliced radishes + arugula
3. Add arugula to a grilled cheese sandwich or panini
4. Don't throw out the radish greens! Lightly saute them or add them as a garnish to soup
5. Add arugula to a pizza (ok, not the healthiest option, but this is a delicious way to green up takeout or frozen cheese pizza)
6. Create a delicious appetizer (whip feta and cream cheese together in a small bowl, drizzle olive oil over the top, and serve with radishes and crackers/other veggies)
7. Add arugula or radish greens to your favorite cooked couscous or quinoa recipe (just remember to add them last so they don't cook)
8. Try it in a taco (gives a crunch to avocado, pork, fish or chicken tacos)
9. Pickle radishes to use as a garnish (this is something new that I want to try this year)

When in doubt, you can always make a salad! What are your favorite ways to enjoy radishes and/or arugula this spring? Share them with us @picnicperfectco