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Mimosas & Bagels in Newport


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Mimosas & Bagels in Newport

Katie Schur

When friends visit, there's plenty of reasons to celebrate, and it was just the occasion when hosting my friend Jackie in April. For a day trip, we headed down to Newport, Rhode Island. In a town best known for yacht-filled harbors and seaside mansions, we thought an upscale brunch would be the perfect way to begin the day. So we sipped mimosas and ate bagels with all the fixings while enjoying the rocky coast views from Brenton Point State Park.

When planning brunch "on the go," it's sometimes tricky to find something that doesn't need to be reheated.  That's why this option is one of my favorites. Bagels are the perfect portable breakfast, and the toppings make it more like a savory lunch sandwich. Whether you are planning your weekend getaway or hosting friends in your backyard, here's a checklist for planning your own morning retreat:

1. In a picnic basket or canvas bag, pack: a cutting board and knife, cream cheese spreader, napkins, cups, seltzer/water, orange juice, champagne, a blanket, a cooler pack, a trash bag and any toppings that you have on hand (see #4).
2. Swing by your favorite bakery and grab enough bagels to share. For our brunch, Jackie and I visited Crust Bakery in Worcester and decided on 1 everything and 1 gruyere cheese bagel. 
3. Pack or purchase your favorite kind of cream cheese (at the moment, I'm really digging Greek-style cream cheese)
4. Purchase additional toppings (suggestions: lox, chopped chives or scallions, lemons, tomatoes, sliced red onions, avocados., salt and pepper, sesame seeds).  Note that if you are traveling for more than two hours in the car, make sure you pack your perishables on ice in a cooler).
5. Don't forget the orange juice and champagne! 
6. When you arrive at your destination, scope out the best picnic shop and lay down your blanket. 
7. On your cutting board, slice any veggies/lox and or misc. toppings. Arrange bagels on a picnic plate. Spread cream cheese on top.
8. Serve with mimosas and enjoy!

What are your favorite outside brunch menu pairings? Share them with us @picnicperfectco