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How to: Picnicking on Vacation


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How to: Picnicking on Vacation

Katie Schur

One of my favorite things about traveling to new destinations is trying the local foods. Planning a picnic with a menu of flavors from the region you're visiting is a great way to save a little money on meals while still fully immersing yourself into vacay mode. Here's some tips for the next time you're day trippin'.

When possible, pre-pack - Having some essentials set aside in a tote will help you feel less frenzied when you're grabbing goodies for your picnic. A few things to consider: utensils, plates, drinking cups and napkins. Also try to envision what (you think) you will be enjoying on your picnic. For example, if you're bringing along wine, don't forget a corkscrew. We always enjoy a good hard cheddar cheese no matter where we travel so we always try to remember a cheese knife. Because, believe me, it's just not the same when you go at a hunk of cheddar with a plastic one. 

Scout out a good shopping spot - Google a few local businesses that carry regional foods so you can stop by one right before you go to your picnic location. Good options include: cheese/ charcuterie shops, farmer's markets, gourmet grocery stores and bakeries. Local wineries or craft breweries are also fun too, but make sure that the spot you're going to allows for it. 

Find a perfect location - Maybe you already know a great spot or someone that you meet buying groceries has a recommendation. I sometimes spend a few minutes on TripAdvisor before we head to a new destination to see if fellow reviewers recommend places for picnicking.

It's ok to improvise - Sometimes the best moments are spontaneous ones. It's always possible to grab something you forgot to pack. You can easily toss a few things into a grocery bag and have a grand-scale picnic. Just get out and adventure!

When pressed for time, take it "to go" - If you don't have time to plan a picnic on vacation, grab some goods for the journey home. You won't be on vacation anymore, but you can take home some of the flavors. Enjoy while unpacking or set up an impromptu picnic on your own patio. Dry / non-perishable goods are the easiest to pack (especially if you are traveling via airplane). But if you have a cooler, you can get really creative. I like bringing home unique condiments (dressings, jams, honey, mustards, marinades and ketchups) so they can be used in a variety of dishes. 

I hope these tips are helpful in planning your next journey. Share your favorite picnic vacation moments with us on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram @picnicperfect. Bon voyage!