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Picnicking and Pumpkin Carving


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Picnicking and Pumpkin Carving

Katie Schur

This past weekend, I watched a family pick out their pumpkins at a local farm-stand. It's hard to choose the "best" pumpkin because there are so many options: the tall one, the extra round one, the slightly spooky one, the one with the extra long stem... The list goes on, but I had to laugh as the debate continued. 


I love all pumpkins. Even these adorable misfits make me smile. When it comes to decorating the house with pumpkins, one of my favorite places to see pumpkins is on the table. Pumpkin place holders, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread.. you name it!

Pumpkins can also brighten up a picnic setting. This past week this adorable pumpkin turned into an impromptu napkin holder. 


And on a windy day, it was nice to have a weight holding down the picnic blanket.


When Jake and I sat down to start carving our pumpkins, we turned it into an impromptu picnic of sorts (with tater tots, pumpkin beer and a scary movie of course). Really though it was a great time to just relax, catch up and savor the traditions of the season. 

I think that our pumpkins turned out looking pretty spooky too. 


I hope you all have a happy halloween! If you still need to carve your pumpkin, I recommend something easy for snacking on the side like these bacon chive tater tots.